2023. Furniture Design. MA Degree Project.
Sponsored by Kvadrat
The rise of communal living due to population growth, a decrease in affordable living and instability in the world has created a shift towards sharing more prominent than ever before. As communal living becomes more common, so does the notion and importance of privacy within the shared space. 
Navigating the space at home and sharing it with strangers can be complex and pressure filled. Living with a larger number of people, or people whom you have no close connection with makes privacy more difficult.
This project has focused on developing a privacy sofa for co-living homes. The sofa provides shelter outside of the private bedroom whilst retaining an openness that is necessary for communal areas. 
The wooden frame comes flat packed and is assembled using an allen key. The upholstery covers have zipper openings and are removable for cleaning and maintenance. Drapes are attached with snap closure and can be washed if necessary. 
The final design gives a layer of privacy to the user, is easy to assemble, disassemble and maintain. 
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