2022. Graphic Design​​​​​​​
Lundakarnevalen is a carnival arranged every four years by the students of Lund in Sweden and said to be the biggest voluntary/non-profit event in the world after the Olympic Games. The Catastrophic Carnival of 2022 recorded the highest number of karnevalister ever, with 7845 students committing themselves to organising the largest carnival ever recorded in its history. An estimated 400 000 visitors visited during its 3-day duration. 
As one of 10 members in the design group, I worked with all the graphic material and the graphic profile for the carnival. This included creating physical and digital posters, banners, signs, tickets and press material. Some of the bigger sponsor projects I worked on included decorating Skånetrafikens city bus and Sparbanken Skånes facade with karneval-motifs. 
Photo: Lundakarnevalen
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